What is Hotstoks

SQL • Finance • API
Hotstoks is a stock market API powered by SQL.
Using Hotstoks, you get all the functionality you expect in a stock market API, combined with the flexibility and unparallel power of SQL to query data in any way you can imagine and get results in standard JSON format.
You can use Hotstoks API to:
  • Screen stocks
  • Identify trends
  • Track your portfolio
  • View stock performance
  • Compare ETF's
  • Check dividends
  • Query penny stocks
  • Track meme stocks
  • Track FAANG performance
  • View earnings calendar
  • Power a finance dashboard
  • And a ton more ...

Example queries

Find stocks that are between 30% to 50% below their 52 week high
SELECT * FROM stocks
WHERE week_52_high_percent_diff BETWEEN -50 AND -30
ORDER BY volume DESC, market_cap DESC
Find dividend paying stocks ordered by market cap
SELECT * FROM stocks
WHERE NOT dividend_date IS NULL
ORDER BY market_cap DESC
Find penny stocks that are trending
SELECT * FROM stocks
WHERE price <= 10
AND volume_avg_10d_percent_diff > 20
ORDER BY market_cap DESC, volume_avg_10d_percent_diff DESC
Find the most active ETF’s
SELECT symbol, name, volume
FROM stocks
WHERE TYPE = 'etf'
API specification
Last modified 1yr ago